Custom Printers / CNC Routers

Custom 3D Printers in accordance to your needs for the print volume you desire!

3D Printing sometimes is so customized that a consumer or even a professional level 3D Printer can fail to fulfill the creative needs of the user. In such cases custom 3D Printers can prove to be more reliable.

We can discuss your needs and create for you a 3D Printer or other CNC machine (router, laser) that works best for your specific projects. Creating a custom 3D Printer or CNC machine can often offer better results than many options on the market for your specific projects. When we make a custom 3D printer for your needs we make sure that the final product quality is of the highest standards with and what can be comparable or better than to industrial 3D printer standards.

Also our custom 3D Printers and machines come with a 2 year full warranty, that covers you in terms of the machine’s functionality and spare parts (except for wearable parts).

custom 3d printer
3d printer
custom 3d printer
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